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Black Box Fire presents Emerging Artists Series 2012 - WEEK 1
(June 22-24, 2012)


Written by Aaron Middlemess
Directed by Steff Bishop-Lampman


Hell, or high water, this wedding is going to happen!

Synopsis: When the end of the world comes at the hands of the walking dead, who are you going to call? No! Not those guys! You call the Replacement Wedding Planner! When Olivia gets a call from her boss, Ivan, to take charge of a wedding at the last minute, little does she realize that she will not just have to put up with the shennanigans of the worst bride to be in history, she'll also have to contend with a horde of zombies, hell bent on ruining her very first wedding! And, did we mention Olivia slept with the groom? Oh yeah, she's got to juggle that too. And did we mention the zombies? Yeah, we did! Come hell or high water, zombies or over bearing parents and drunken best-men, Olivia’s going to have to call upon all her ass-kickery, haute couture skills to make sure this wedding goes off without a hitch! Zombies! Oh yeah. We mentioned them...

Cast Laura Ellis - Liv “The Replacement Planner”, Iain Lacourt - Peter “The Groom”, Lila Hunt - Ang “Bridezilla”, Amy Giofu - Alicia “Maid of Honour”, Erik Canaria - Brad “Best Man”, Andrew Noble - George (Liv’s Father)/Zombie , Tyler Brent - Ivan/ Uncle Harold, Adam Kuzick - Mitch “Videographer”, Erin Pratt - Farah “Mother of the Groom”, Matt Boccia - Zombie 1, Hannah Wayne - Zombie 2, Amber Leedham - Zombie 3



  • Thursday June 22 @ 7:30pm
  • Friday June 23 @ 7:30pm
  • Saturday June 24 @ 2pm
  • Saturday June 24 @ 7:30pm


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