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Emerging Artists Series

EAS or Emerging Artists Series is an annual festival put on by BBF

The Black Box Fire Emerging Artists Series is a new opportunity for the Hamilton Arts Community to showcase their creative efforts. One of our central principles is to foster cooperative development among artists in our community In that spirit, we are very excited to work in collaboration with other groups to produce this series each summer. Producing an independent show can be difficult (and expensive) and the series was our way of working together with people of different experience levels to get their ideas off the ground and onto the stage. This is an opportunity for you to showcase your creative talents and develop valuable skills and experience, which may be especially important for those looking to work with BBF or other community groups in the future.


The Emerging Artists Series provides an opportunity for groups to collaborate and share resources in order to support one another and develop valuable skills and experience. You are provided with a small start-up budget and help with staging auditions. BBF will provide all promotional, box office and house management services in addition to the venue and a technical crew for your production. You would have artistic freedom over your show and are therefore be responsible for casting and securing all rights, costumes, props and set pieces.


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