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Black Box Fire presents Emerging Artists Series 2011 - WEEK 2
(June 28-30, 2012)


Written and Directed by: Carly Popenko
Music by: Mercedes Moffatt
Lyrics by: Carly Popenko
Stage Managed and Technically Operated by: Jason Lamb
Choreographed by: Tina Pirkas


FAST FOOD LOVE: THE MUSICALSynopsis: The plot centers around Steve, the videogame-obsessed manager of the fast food restaurant, Chicken's Hit Wings. Upon receiving news that his star employee, Chuck, has decided to quit without notice, Steve is forced to hire Candice, an attractive combo-savvy customer, on the spot to fill his place. When Steve thinks that he finally has everything under control, he learns that head office will be shutting down his Chicken's Hit Wings location in order to build a more profitable fast food chicken establishment (JFC) down the road. Throughout the summer, Steve tries to keep the restaurant afloat, but will Chicken's Hit Wings survive the wrath of corporate greed and domination?

Cast Russel Niessen - Steve, Kristi Boulton - Katie, Damion LeClair - Phil, Mallory Greene - Candice, Jordan Brunet - Fiona, Andrew Noble - Randy, Bart Ronde - Bob Rattinson, Jenn Magalas - Melodic Dancing Chicken, Jason Lamb - Ominous Chicken Head



Black Box Fire presents Emerging Artists Series 2011 - WEEK 3
(July 5-7, 2012)


Written & Directed by Michael Kras

WASP'S NESTSynopsis: This darkly funny crime drama, in the vein of storytellers like Tarantino and Mamet, tells the story of liars and losers in the fight to win. When Wade Morrison steals from a covert group, members in the group take action in a life-or-death battle to the end. If they fail, they lose all reason to exist.

Cast & Crew Ryan Trepanier - Ethan, Philip Krusto - Wade, Chris Cracknell - Trent, Jesse Horvath - Skylar, John Land - Clarence, Ndola Huttone - Stage Manager, Keynan McFedries - Lighting Design, Nick Tiringer - Sound Design





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